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Maes Hughes

Proudly photographing what no daddy has photographed before

10 December
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Maes' Character Relations

Personality: Maes is dangerously intelligent, but he hides it behind a layer of silliness and hyperactivity. The energy isn’t just a distraction, though, it’s real. Most of the time it’s focused intently on Gracia, his wife, and Elysia, his daughter, but sometimes he finds other targets for it and his never-ending supply of pictures of Elysia. Much to his surprise, the other targets often flee.

Faithful is probably the most fitting word when it comes to describing Maes, though. He is utterly devoted to Gracia, Elysia, and Roy, and would do anything for them. Reliable beyond a doubt, Maes is the best person to choose for back-up in a difficult situation.

Background: Maes Hughes has spent most of his adult life in the military of his nation, hoping to make it better. He’s always been idealistic and a little bit silly, and he claims that’s how he attracted his wife several years ago. He has risen rapidly through the military due to his intelligence and dedication.

While working, he made a friend in Roy Mustang, and saw in Mustang the potential to fix their nation. Due to this, he pledged to serve Roy in the background, helping Roy from underneath. A bit after this promise, Maes’ daughter, Elysia, was born, and he met the Elric brothers. Things seemed to be falling into place, but then he stumbled upon a conspiracy going on in the background. After much examination, pieces fell into place and he had a feeling he now knew what was going on.

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